Heating System Design and Installation. 

It’s essential to pay particular attention to detail and consider all variables when designing a heating system. In order to achieve optimum efficiency the system should be designed to heat the building to the specified internal design temperature on the average coldest day of the year, otherwise known as the external design temperature.  The system should be designed to use the lowest flow temperature possible to minimise the energy required at the heat source to heat the building. 

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is undoubtably a perfect match for most heat pump and low temperature heating systems. Constant low grade energy provides a consistent comfortable temperature throughout all year. Underfloor heating can be installed retrospectively in buildings using suspended timber floors or a concrete slab, the latter being the preferred choice as the concrete is usually insulated below and used as a large thermal mass to store energy provided by the underfloor heating system.   


A common misconception is that existing radiators need to be doubled in size in order to work with a heat pump. This is not normally the case as the existing radiators are likely to be oversized due to rule of thumb methods used by traditional heating engineers and also the upgrading of insulation, windows and doors has lowered heat losses in buildings throughout the UK.  


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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

1Can a air or ground source heat pump heat my house to the correct temperature?
A well designed heat pump system is designed to heat your property to the chosen indoor design temperature (usually 20 to 21 degrees) at the systems designed outside temperature. (This is based on the property location and elevation above sea level). It's a common misconception that heat pumps can't heat the building or hot water to the correct temperatures.
2How often should a heat pump be serviced?
Heat pump systems require annual servicing, including the hot water tank, buffer tanks and any peripheral equipment.
3Do you offer monthly contracts for servicing?
Yes, we offer maintenance contracts which can be paid on a monthly or annual basis. Customers who have a maintenance contract get access to discounted rates and our preferential booking system.
4I'm interested in a heat pump where do I start?
Contact us by email at [email protected] to arrange an initial discussion, we will discuss the viability of installing a heat pump and advise on the best process to follow. We offer free advice and consultations.
5Is Senergy heating insured and accredited?
Senergy Heating provide a 2 year warranty against installation defects as well as any manufactures product warranty. We hold public liability insurance to the sum of £2,000,000. Employers Liability to the sum of £10,000,000. Contract works cover of £50,000 and Professional Indemnity Insurance to the sum of £250,000.