Growatt Residential Storage Inverter
24 May 2024
Growatt Residential Storage Inverter
24 May 2024


Seamlessly connect your solar PV, storage battery, and home

One piece of equipment. Simultaneous, smart management of the power from your solar panels, home battery storage system, and utility grid. Meet the GivEnergy hybrid inverter.

A hybrid inverter allows you to make your energy management system ‘smart’. It acts as the brain of your system. So, it will:


  • Convert current from DC to AC

  • Feed in data to your energy
    management software

  • Ensure that your solar
    array is operating safely

  • Communicate between your various components and the grid

  • Maximise power output

  • Optimally manage the flow of power


7.5kWp max. DC power
3600W nominal AC output power
IP65 rating
Dimensions 588H x 214D x 480W (mm)
12 year warranty


7.5kWp max. DC power
5000W nominal AC output power
IP65 rating
Dimensions 588H x 214D x 480W (mm)
12 year warranty
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1. What is a GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter and how does it work?

The GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter is a versatile device that combines the functions of a solar inverter and a battery inverter. It converts the DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity for home use and manages the storage of excess energy in batteries, allowing you to use stored energy during non-sunny periods or power outages.

2. What are the key benefits of using a GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter?

The GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter enhances energy independence by storing excess solar energy for later use, reduces electricity bills, provides backup power during grid outages, and supports smart energy management for optimal efficiency.

3. Is the GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter compatible with existing solar systems?

Yes, the GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter can be integrated with both new and existing solar installations, making it a flexible choice for enhancing current solar energy systems with energy storage capabilities.

4. What monitoring capabilities does the GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter offer?

The GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter comes with advanced monitoring features that allow you to track real-time energy production, consumption, and storage through a user-friendly app. This enables you to manage and optimize your energy usage effectively from anywhere using your smartphone or computer.

5. How does the Emergency Power Supply (EPS) function work?

The EPS function ensures that during a grid outage, the inverter automatically switches to battery power to provide continuous electricity for essential appliances and devices. This feature offers peace of mind by maintaining power during unexpected interruptions.

6. What warranty does the GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter come with?

The GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter typically includes a comprehensive warranty, providing coverage for parts and performance for a specified period. For specific warranty details, including duration and terms, please refer to the product documentation or consult with your installer.


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Air source heat pumps extract heat from the outdoor air and use it to heat your home or provide hot water. They are a sustainable choice because they use renewable energy and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint while offering cost savings in the long run.
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